About Plasma Solutions

Plasma Solutions, LLC is a biologics company that develops, manufactures, and markets regenerative medicine products for the repair, restoration and revitalization of damaged and diseased cellular tissue for:

(i) musculoskeletal/orthopaedic injury and conditions,
(ii) neuropathy, and
(iii) chronic non-healing wounds.

The culmination of over 4 decades of clinical experience and research gave birth to Plasma Solutions, which is poised to be a leader in the field of regenerative medicine. To date, Plasma Solutions’ medical practices have successfully treated over 10,000 patients for various neurologic conditions, chronic non-healing wounds, sports related injuries, as well as muscular sclerosis and Charcot-Marie Tooth disease.

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly advancing area of health care that works to repair the injury, not just mask the pain. Science has shown that the body has enormous potential to heal itself. By using the healing powers found in a person’s own blood, damaged tissues, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints have the potential to regrow, rebuild, and regenerate. As tissue is repaired and regenerated, pain levels are lowered.

With successful treatments, a person can be pain or symptom free, and return to more normal function in their daily life. Plasma Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of developing new and natural regenerative medicine products to treat a wide variety of chronic conditions.

Plasma Solutions medical practices have successfully treated over 10,000 patients

Management Team:

James Hays, CTBS

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Nina Robinson, DPM

Medical Director

Wil Stevens, MBA

Director of Operations, Marketing, and Sales

Rod White, MBA

Managing Member