Accelerate GF™ Syringe 3-pack

Product Contents

(3) Pre-loaded 10ml Leur-Lok tip syringe with activator/aggregator solution in sterile package

(3) BD Yellow-top Vacutainer (ACD) blood collection tubes

The Accelerate GF Syringe (10ml Leur-Lok) is pre-loaded with a proprietary activator/aggregator solution. This product is certified to meet all applicable USP Monographs. Your syringe has been produced and packaged under Class 10 Laminar Flo, or in a Class 10k processing area.

All Plasma Solutions products are to be used with Clean or Aseptic technique and adherence to Universal Precautions.

All Plasma Solutions kits, Accelerate GF syringes and ACD blood collection tubes should be stored at ambient room temperature, 68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold, as the efficacy of the products may be affected.

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